Be a Stronger, Healthier, Happier Mom

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I Want To Start Working Out Safely Postpartum

I Want To Start Running Safely Postpartum

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Why Dumbbells & Diapers

  • A Healthy and Happy Mom Helps Build a Healthy and Happy Family

  • Safely Return to Fitness & Health Postpartum

  • Learn to Heal and Repair Your Core / Pelvic Floor

  • Workouts Are For ALL Abilities

  • Feel Better

  • Feel Stronger

  • Burn Fat

  • Have More Energy!

"With two little one's (and the global health crisis) it's not always easy to find time to workout outside of the home. The at home version of dumbbells and diapers provides a solution to this common obstacle. I choose the minimal equipment option and found the programming unique from session to session while still providing variety. The coaching platform TrueCoach was also very easy to use and the videos on technique were extremely helpful. Plus the platform provides a messaging system to connect with the coach. I always received timely feedback to my questions. Even though I am a year postpartum, I was still able to achieve the intensity I desired from each workout, with scaled and more challenging options offered for each WOD. You could tell Denise put in the time and effort to make this programming top notch. I have done a lot of at home based workouts and I can say without a doubt, I found this one the most sustainable, practical and productive. I look forward to the second installment of dumbbells and diapers."

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