How Our Program Works

Our postpartum workout programs are designed to be done in any of the following setups:

- In your home with minimal equipment

- In your home with more of a home gym setup

- In your local gym

Programs begin on the FIRST Monday of each month. Signing up mid-month? No worries! You will be put in a que for the upcoming session. 

We do this so we can help give more accountability to our moms!

Your workouts will be sent to you each day through an app called TrueCoach. You will also get a daily email. Within the app you'll be able to view the workout, coach's notes, enter comments, upload photos/video and send messages.

The workout includes:

- A core & pelvic floor warmup

- A general body warmup

- A workout

- And a cooldown

The entire workout should take between 40 and 60 minutes.  

The workouts have options to make them harder for experienced athletes, and easier for moms who are just beginning to workout.

The app has videos embedded that show you exactly how to perform the movements.

At the end, you mark the workout complete!  If a mom has a few missed workouts in a row, we will reach out to them both in the app and via email.  We want to help new moms overcome any obstacles they may be facing with getting their workouts in!

The program is 6 weeks long, and has 3 workouts per week.

On your rest days, you can look forward to postpartum health and wellness tips, nutrition education, healthy recipes and workout motivation!

While the app sends workouts on Mon / Wed / Fri, you can complete them any day.  We understand life happens, and if you do Mondays workout on Tuesday, thats fine!

If you have any other questions, please check out FAQ page (here) or shoot me an email

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