Common Questions

When can I start working out after having my baby?

Your OB/Provider will give you clearance, typically after 6 weeks.

How are the workouts delivered?

We use an app that will send you the workout.  In addition to showing the workout, it has video embedded to show the movement to you so you are not guessing how to perform it!

I never worked out before/during pregnancy, is this still for me?

Even more reason to start now!  Each workout has modifications to meet you where you are in your fitness journey!

I am several months postpartum, is this still for me?

Yes! Once you have a baby, you are technically postpartum forever! The core and pelvic floor work is still critical and beneficial at all points in the postpartum period.

What if I want to work out more than 3 times per week?

When starting a fitness routine postpartum, regardless of activity level during pregnancy, we do not recommend more than three workouts per week to start.  Your body needs to prioritize healing and recovery, and as such we feel three workouts per week is just right.  

I have a few pieces of equipment at home, to include a treadmill.  Should I pick the "At Gym" version?

Yes!  The "At-Home" version is for those with just dumbbells.  If you have a cardio machine (treadmill, bike, etc) and potentially other gear, we recommend you choose the "At-Gym" version for greater workout variations!

Are there any commitments?  Am I locked in to anything?

Nope.  All of our plans are "single purchases", meaning nothing is on auto-renew.  If you opt for personal training, your coach will confirm your next months plans before billing.

What gear do I need for the At-Home program?

Just a pair of dumbbells! If you do not have a pair, we recommend investing in some.  You could theoretically use items from around your house if you are in a pinch!