• Denise A Olson

5 “Must Haves” For Your Home Gym

There’s no doubt about it...getting to the gym when you have an infant (or any kids at all!) can be really challenging. Add the COVID crisis of 2020 into the mix-and it was quite literally, impossible, for many months. Working out at home was the only option for quite a while, and for many people-is now a preference. So the question is, “What do I need in my home gym?”

A few things go into answering this question: 1.) What kind of budget are you working with? 2.) What kind of fitness are you interested in? 3.) How much space are you working with?

For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to give you what are-in my opinion-the “must haves” for your home gym as a Dumbbells & Diapers momma.

The great thing about your home workout space-is that you can add as you go and you don’t need to wait until you have everything you want, to get started with your workouts. If you are planning to start Dumbbells & Diapers or just want to begin working out at home, here is what I recommend starting with:

  1. A set of dumbbells. If you can; opt for a lighter set and a heavier set. If the budget is a little tighter-opt for one medium-weight set (keep in mind; weight is relative to YOU!) Dumbbells are so versatile! We have an entire program that is essentially dumbbell-only; so you can do a lot with one set.

  2. A whiteboard. This is for writing your workouts down, keeping track of reps/rounds, etc. Trust me here...referencing your phone multiple times to look at the workout, check out demo videos, etc. is a WASTE of your precious time. Write your workout on the whiteboard, check out your demo videos, then put that phone away!

  3. A clock/timer. If you aren’t buying a clock or timer right now, I suggest using the app “WOD Proof” for your workouts. This will be more efficient than constantly checking your watch, However-beware of getting sucked into social media/emails/etc when you have the phone out!

  4. A Yoga mat. This will be your designated “space.” Yoga mats provide the perfect amount of padding for a lot of the core work we do in D&D, and a nice little cushion for things such as lunges.

  5. A resistance band or two for warm-up purposes and stretching. This is often the piece that’s overlooked when working out at home, but if you’ve taken my classes, you know I feel it’s the most important part of your workout-especially in the initial postpartum period. Resistance bands are great for a multitude of core exercises and very helpful when warming up for any kind of lifting.

These 5 things are what I consider “must haves” for a home gym. As I mentioned, the online platform of Dumbbells & Diapers offers a minimal equipment option that requires only a set of dumbbells & a resistance band. You don’t need a ton of stuff to begin a home fitness regimen. Are you ready to get moving?! Join us in the next online session of Dumbbells & Diapers beginning Monday, August 31st. Sign up

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