• Denise A Olson

5 Ways To Support Your Body After Birth

Congratulations! You just went through the greatest athletic event of your life. Birth, no matter how it goes down, is serious work. Not to mention, it comes on the heels of 40 weeks (+/-) of growing a babe, and likely a few months of very poor sleep leading up to the main event. All SO so worth it the second you have that baby on your chest. Now it’s time to not only take care of your new bundle, but for YOU to recover.

Some women are feeling amazing right after birth. Other women are shuffling around, fearful of the next time they have to go to the bathroom, and wondering if they will ever feel “normal” again.

Guess what…regardless of which camp you are (or were) in…you need to recover from pregnancy and birth. Here are 5 ways you can support your body in those first few weeks postpartum.

1. Rest!

This may sound obvious, but I know some of you are hopping right back into your role of superwoman around the house. Your body NEEDS rest, to lay low, and to do nothing more than snuggle your baby for those first few weeks. So ask your partner to put the carseat in/out of the car for those first pediatrician appointments, pass off laundry duties, and enlist the help of your mother/sister/friend for anything you can. Rest momma; you need it.

2. Eat nutrient dense meals!

Nutrient stores are depleted after pregnancy and birth-we need to replenish them! Include a protein source with each meal, focus on including leafy greens and lots of veggies at least twice daily, and be sure to add a source of healthy fat to every meal and snack! Aim to eat something every 3-4 hours.

3. Drink quality Bone Broth every day.

The collagen in bone broth supports wound healing and the repair/recovery of tissue and muscle, making it a postpartum superfood! You can make your own or buy it. Warm it up and enjoy it as you would a cup of tea.

4. Diaphragmatic breathing.

Core recovery starts with your breath; and this is something you can work on as early as that first day postpartum. Diaphragmatic breathing, specifically, is the foundation of core function and healing. Begin by taking a slow, deep inhale that allows your entire rib cage to expand and belly to move outward (as opposed to your chest rising.) Fill up completely, and then let go of the breath, allowing your belly button to fall back toward your spine, but being careful to avoid “sucking it in” or forcefully exhaling. You can do these sitting, standing, lying down...wherever works for you! Aim to include 2-3 sets of 10 breaths each day.

5. Drink lots of water.

We’re talking at least 100 oz. Between postpartum night sweats, breastfeeding, and the constipation most women experience after birth, you want to make sure you are well hydrated. Try using a bottle that has a straw, or flavoring your water with some fresh fruit, mint or cucumber if you need to change things up.

Simply being mindful of your needs can go a long way in those first few weeks. Remember: to take great care of your baby, you need to make sure their momma is cared for too.

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