• Denise A Olson

How To Start Moving After Baby

There is nothing better (in my opinion) than having that sweet newborn on your chest after so many months of carrying them in your belly. Even thinking about it gives me baby fever (if my husband is reading this he’s got his head in his hands.) What many women don’t love-is the waiting period between birth and your six or eight week follow-up when you get the OK to start exercising. This can feel like a long time to wait-particularly if you are recovering well, feeling good, and are used to being active!

In those first two weeks after the baby comes, it’s essential that you take time to rest, recover, sleep whenever you can, and focus solely on nourishing yourself and your baby. While these things are still important beyond two weeks postpartum, it’s OK-and GOOD for you-to get moving. Here are three things you can do in those initial postpartum weeks to get moving and begin your safe entry/re-entry into fitness.

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing

Breathwork is essential in restoring core function! Try it out: find a comfortable seated position. Wrap your hands around the bottom of your ribs (thumbs to the back.) Sit up nice and tall. Begin to take a full deep breath-allow your belly to expand; you should feel your ribs expanding all the way around. If you notice your chest lifting-reset and try again. We’ve got to train our bodies to properly activate the core after pregnancy-and this begins with your breathing.

2. Walking & Baby Wearing

Moderation is key-as any intense activity in those initial weeks will delay your recovery. Start with 5-10 minute walks and add on as you are comfortable! Use this as an opportunity to work on your diaphragmatic breathing while you’re moving!

3. Dead Bug Abs

These are one of my favorite movements to elicit core engagement. You can watch a video on how to do dead bug abs HERE. Modify the movement as you need to or even practice holding the position for a few breaths.

It’s paramount to ease back into fitness after pregnancy and birth-but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be fact, it’s just the opposite. Get moving slowly, and safely!

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