• Denise A Olson

“I’m feeling great! Do I need a postpartum specific program?”

That six-week check-up comes, you’re given the green light to resume fitness and you’re dying to get back to your CrossFit box, your gym, spin studio, on the Peloton, etc. You might be wondering, “I feel I really need a postpartum specific program?”

In short-YES. And I’m not just saying that because I developed one-I promise.

In pregnancy our bodies go through massive change. There is the obvious expansion of our abdomen-but so much more goes on under the hood...things you can’t see.

Our rib cages expand, there’s an increase in the natural curve of our spine and the right and left sides of the rectus abdominis separate at the midline to accommodate the growing baby, to name a few.

In essence, the stability of your entire core is disrupted. And guess what? That doesn’t return automatically when you hit six weeks postpartum.

While the abdominal muscles will migrate back toward their original location, and the spine and rib cage too will adjust, stability and strength will be lacking in a big way unless they are prioritized.

I know you have heard it…

-the women at your gym who pee when they jump rope

-the women who talk about the “pooch” they can’t get rid of

-the woman who complains of painful sex

-women with chronic back pain and knee issues post pregnancy

Each of these are symptoms of, and directly related to core dysfunction.

You see, it’s not about aesthetics or fitting into your pre-baby’s about setting yourself up for success for life, and refusing to settle for the excuse of, “that’s how it is after you have a baby.”

So yes-even if you’ve recovered beautifully from birth, your core needs to get on the road to recovery...and that starts with a program that is specific to the needs of postpartum women.

The time you spend on core rehab and strength will have a positive impact on any type of fitness you enjoy; weight lifting, running, gymnastics, etc. Your body’s done something amazing...rather than pushing it into a regimen it’s not structurally ready for, honor it with intentional work that will support you in being a healthy, happy momma.

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