• Denise A Olson

The Secret To Being a Fit Mom

The secret to being a fit mom. Hopefully I have your attention. This sounds like an article you might find on a magazine cover with a list of tips and tricks to “get your body back” and “find your abs after baby.” Spoiler alert: it’s not! There aren’t tips and tricks. There really isn’t even a secret; however these are things that you don’t see advertised in the media, because they don’t offer a quick fix. What I’m going to give you are 3 things you can do each day to be a fit mom.

First, let’s talk about what being fit really means. Fitness = health. The two are directly related. As a brand new mom, sleep deprived, adjusting to the physical, mental and emotional changes the fourth trimester brings, you might be feeling like being “fit” is the furthest thing from your reality. (I know I had days where I felt this way.) And it makes sense! Have you heard the saying, “Don’t measure yourself against someone else’s ruler?” That’s exactly what we do after we have our babies. And it sets us up to feel defeated and overwhelmed. So what do you do, and where do you start?

  1. Do Something. We tend to get wrapped up in the all or nothing mentality. “I don’t have a sitter so I won’t work out.” “I don’t have 45 minutes, I’ll do it tomorrow.” “The baby was up a lot last night.” Mommas...these are excuses. You might not have 45 minutes, but can you make 15? You don’t have a sitter-but can you put the baby in the carrier and go for a walk to get some activity in? Something is always better than nothing. Every single time. Do something. Move each day. It might not be what you had planned or hoped, you may have to stop several times...but you’ll always be glad you got it in and it will support both your physical and mental health.

  2. Drink at least 80 ounces of water every single day. Being hydrated helps to regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients to your cells, keep you energized, help you to sleep...the list goes on. Make water your drink of choice throughout the day.

  3. Eat real food. Not food products. As mentioned earlier, fitness = health. Nutrition is the foundation of health, so if you want to feel fit, you’ve got to start putting optimal fuel into the tank. Keep your grocery shopping to the perimeter of the store. Begin reading nutrition & ingredient labels, and steer clear of things that have tons of ingredients or can sit on the shelf forever. Include veggies at least twice each day, and pay attention to how you feel after eating certain foods.

Your health is an investment. Commit to these three things and you will reap the benefits when it comes to your health and fitness. Do something, drink your water, eat real food. You’ve got this!

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