• Denise A Olson

Working Out Postpartum...In a Pandemic. Here’s How:

It’s safe to say 2020 has been a year to remember. Being pregnant and postpartum in the midst of a pandemic brings about challenges none of us anticipated when planning for baby. We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village…” For women who have given birth at any point in the last 9 months, there has been no village. Family and friends have had to be kept away, appointments have been done over telehealth instead of in-person, the “mommy and me” classes have been cancelled, and many of the opportunities to meet other moms are simply not there.

So with our “village” dramatically reduced, yet health and wellness absolutely paramount, how do you navigate fitness during a pandemic, with a newborn?

The short answer: workout at home.

The current events don’t change the fact that women need to recover after pregnancy and birth, and that core rehab and strength training are essential. So how do you make this happen in the midst of a pandemic when you may be facing challenges such as: little/no babysitting, no access to a gym and lack of motivation? Here’s how:

  1. Commit to a home workout program. You know the saying: failing to plan, is planning to fail. A home workout program takes the guesswork out of what to do for a workout, offers you accountability and teaches you correct movement patterns.

  2. Talk to your partner about your goal: “I’m going to workout 3 days this week!” When we state our plans aloud, it greatly improves the likelihood of following through with them!

  3. Create a routine. Workout on the same days each week. Plan on the same times (allowing flexibility for that sweet babe of yours). Anywhere you can take the decision-making process out of the equation-you want to.

  4. Schedule it into your calendar. For real...put it in, like it’s a hair appointment. Why? Because if you were going to a class at the gym, you’d need to show up at a specific time. Now you’re home, with a million and one things that can get in the way of your workout. Protect your time; block it out so that you’ve got it reserved for you.

  5. Remember: something is ALWAYS better than nothing. There are days the baby will be with you, you’ll have to stop 5 times, you’ll feel frustrated and you’ll ask yourself, “What is the point-should I even bother today?” And the answer is-YES! Something is always better than nothing.

The initial postpartum period is a hard season, made harder by the restrictions COVID has put on our lives. This is not to say it isn’t wonderful and beautiful’s just also hard. As a mom-you need to make your health a priority. Healthy moms, happy babies. Working out might be different than what you're used to or what you’d planned, but you CAN make it happen.. In a time where so much is out of our hands, take control of the things you can. If you’re struggling to incorporate fitness since having your baby, or you are pregnant and thinking about how to set yourself up for success after the baby is born, implement these tips to support you in your postpartum journey. A new Dumbbells & Diapers home program kicks off the first Monday of each month. If you’re a new momma-join us in the next session and head into the new year feeling confident in your recovery from pregnancy and birth.

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